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Improving performance and achieving extraordinary results by setting attainable goals, taking more action, making better decisions and fully utilizing natural strengths.

About E2P

Empowered2Prosper, (E2P), LLC provides results driven, and transformative consulting and coaching service that inspires and guides individuals, companies, groups, and/or teams move to a higher level. E2P is passionate about serving and aims to keep customer satisfaction a top priority. Our goal is to transform lives by empowering clients to create and live out their vision—encouraging innovation and providing accountability.

E2P is a professional company that specializes in providing career, executive, HR and leadership consulting and coaching services to assist clients in achieving their personal goals, solve specific problems, gain a competitive advantage, hone skills, tackle challenges, and effectively communicate to be successful.

We will assist clients in identifying and achieving personal and professional goals in various areas of their life. We want to take a holistic approach, recognizing that one area of a person’s life impacts upon another and so addressing various areas can lead to improvement in life in general, health, and/or achievement in career goals.

With nearly 40 years of human resources policy and leadership experience, E2P brings an extensive knowledge base in this area having managed complex HR operations, dealt with multiple HR challenges that were sometimes time-sensitive, and constructively coaching individuals and leaders to be successful in life and career. Working one on one with clients, we will assist them in making quality decisions, improve relationships, lead teams or manage time more effectively. We will be that sounding board a client would need to talk through pressing issues, explore ideas, draw conclusions, and commit to action.


Assisting clients in making monumental decisions, improving relationships, and hope for future success.


We are that sounding board for clients to talk through pressing issues, explore new ideas, and draw different conclusions.


Working in partnership with clients to envision and create goals for a better future; while maximizing the client’s commitment to implement solutions.


Human Resources (HR) Consulting:

  • Learn HR guidelines and regulations
  • Improve personnel management skills
  • Implementing an organization from start to finish
  • Hiring techniques
  • Manage complex HR operations

Leadership Development:

  • Increase confidence in exercising leadership
  • Improve ability to connect with the organization’s vision
  • Increase task completion and productivity
  • Address performance issues
  • Increase confidence in leading the organization toward fulfilling the vision
  • Foster better relationships with staff and management teams

Life Coaching:

  • Walk through career, business and/or personal goals
  • Identify were you are to gain clarity for your vision
  • Eliminate obstacles to your success
  • Accelerate the pace of personal growth
  • Accountability with unconditional support
  • Move out of that comfort zone
  • Shape and design a balanced life
  • Sounding Board
  • Find tranquility and peace as you achieve results that empower you to live your best life

Career Counseling and Mentoring:

  • Improve probability of landing that next promotion
  • Improve skills to assist in finding a new position
  • Improve personality traits
  • Resume Critique
  • Improve interview performance
  • Hone skills
  • Tackle challenges
  • Switch industries


Creating and updating outdated
methods for better results

Problem solving -- one on one
and also in group settings

Understanding clients clearly and inviting them
to share information with full reassurance that
information will be kept private

Listening thoroughly to others (this is a critical skill
that sets the stage for a successful exchange of ideas
and in-depth understanding of issues)

Connecting with and advising
people at all levels

Empathy for all views, with no
preconceived bias or expectations

Working in-depth to find the best solutions
for each individual or group, across a wide
spectrum of needs and capabilities.

About Val

Val Brock, founder of Empowered2Prosper (E2P), LLC, has nearly 40 years of experience as a human resources policy advisor in the Federal government. She is a certified life coach, who enjoys helping others reach their highest potential. Val began her public service career in the personnel office at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). She spent 26 years of her career in the Office of Managing Director assisting senior management with the administrative operations of the office, particularly human resource management, budget development and management, and information technology. Val worked her way through the ranks and became a very successful and valuable resource to many colleagues. She became an expert in the areas of position classification, staffing, payroll/benefits, and overall operations management. She was the “go to person” for all administrative operation matters, and could be relied upon to “get the job done.”

Val worked extremely close with upper management throughout her career in developing guidelines and making policy. Her knowledge of agency missions, policies, and objectives; management principles and processes allowed her to suggest, make and change agency policies and guidelines, as needed. She was excellent at analyzing and evaluating methods and techniques to assess program development or execution and for improving organizational effectiveness and efficiency. Val had a wide range of administrative management skills, and was relied upon to implement budgetary and financial management principles and techniques as they related to long and short-range planning of programs and objectives. She was instrumental in ensuring the successful development and submission to Congress of the “National Broadband Plan” (NBP) for the Chairman of the FCC. She provided the necessary tools to establish the team (e.g., HR/staff, budget, space, IT, etc.), was completed in a timely fashion.

Val’s effective and efficient work throughout her career earned her not only the Silver Medal, but also the Gold Medal, for outstanding public service.


Val's Expertise

  • Human Resources Management
  • Program Management
  • Government
  • Strategic Planning
  • Policy Development
  • Leadership
  • HR Policy
  • Project Planning
  • Staff and Leadership Development
  • Personal Development
  • Management and Supervision
  • Customer Service
  • Budget
  • IT
  • Space Management
  • Performance Management
  • Operations
  • Contracts & Purchasing
  • Records Management

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